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Tri-State Pest Management Services in Pennsylvania

Tri-State Pest Management is a full-service pest control company. Serving major areas of PA, DE, and MD, Tri-State offers safe and effective pest control from state certified technicians.

Simply call us and we’ll get rid of the pests that bother you, and, more than that, help you to forget that you even had the problem in the first place. We’ll provide the treatments that get rid of what bugs you – quickly, quietly, promptly, and permanently.


Pest Control in Pennsylvania


Let Tri-State Pest Management help with what bugs you. Tri-State Pest Management is a full-service pest control company serving Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania areas. Tri-State Pest Management technicians are always state certified and highly trained to make sure your pests are removed quickly, quietly, promptly, and permanently. Give Tri-State a call today for a

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Bed Bug control in Pennsylvania

Bed bugs get their name from living inside of and feeding in beds. They are a nocturnal creature that feed on blood. Bed bugs can hide pretty much anywhere. In your mattress, sheets, pillows, bed frame, in or around pictures and even in your wall sockets. Bed bugs do not transmit diseases but their bites can leave a red, irritating rash that forms a welt. They especially love to dine on humans. Tri-State is an industry leader in finding and eradicating these pesky Bed Bugs.

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